Team travel events are some of the most valuable learning opportunities that exist. That’s why travel incentives are key elements of the H3 Concepts Inc. culture. Two upcoming trips will provide great developmental potential for our team members.

Laura, our company’s President, explained, “I’m sending two of the top leaders in our office to Denver, Colorado for additional skill-building and professional development. Another two will be heading to San Francisco for extra training as well. Each trip will give our people the chance to receive hands-on experience with emerging methods and technologies. I’m confident that our team members will put what they learn to good use when they return to the H3 Concepts Inc. office.”

Another positive outcome of team travel events is the fact that they inspire our team members to perform at their best. Laura remarked, “Everyone wants the chance to learn from the best. When we put unique training trips and networking events on the line, our team members compete with themselves and each other to get selected. They know exactly how valuable these learning experiences are to their career advancement.”

We’re already looking forward to the next batch of travel incentives around H3 Concepts Inc. HQ. Check out our Newswire feed to stay up to date on our various business excursions, as well as all the top performers who compete to hit the road.