We offer many ways for our team members to advance their development. Travel opportunities sit atop this list. Laura, our firm’s President, stated, “Getting away from the H3 Concepts Inc. office gives our people chances to broaden their horizons in interesting ways. They get to attend conferences, retreats, and road trips to pick up fresh insights and make helpful connections.”

Select individuals from Team H3 Concepts Inc. are frequently chosen to travel to new markets as a way of expanding their knowledge. Laura added, “We typically send about four different leaders on these trips. They use time away from our office to build stronger bonds, expand our company’s influence, and learn best practices for running successful promotions. Our people always seem to bring back worthwhile insights we can implement into our firm’s own unique approach.”

Another benefit of these road trips is that they allow us to explore new cities. Our team travel events are ideal for learning more about each other as people, including traits and talents we might not get to see very often during the normal course of our work. The fact that we also gain new perspectives on the value of what we do makes our trips even more rewarding.

We’re always looking out for new chances to expand our horizons. Check out the H3 Concepts Inc. Newswire to find updates on our adventures.