Boosting our productivity is a constant pursuit around the H3 Concepts Inc. office. We recognize the importance of getting the most value out of every busy workday, so we apply the following simple techniques to accomplish as much as possible.

Focusing on one task at a time is one basic but essential practice we’ve adopted. When we try to spread our attention over too many things at once, the end results aren’t as good as they could be. To achieve our best H3 Concepts Inc. outcomes, we narrow our attention to one key task until it’s completed.

We also schedule time for things like checking email and other potentially distracting activities. By carving out windows throughout the day for responding to messages and returning calls, we allow ourselves to stay focused on our own priorities. Even a five-minute diversion can take a half hour or more to overcome when we have long to-do lists in front of us.

Taking care of the toughest tasks when we’re most alert helps us stay productive. For most of us, this means tackling big challenges first thing in the morning. This is a great way to build momentum that carries us through the rest of the day.

These practices are giving us a productive edge here at H3 Concepts Inc. Follow us on Twitter if you’re interested in more of our best success strategies.