We emphasize team recognition as a core part of the H3 Concepts Inc. culture. Each month, we select an individual to highlight for outstanding performance on the job. Sandy has been chosen this month for the positive attitude she brings to each new challenge.

Laura, our firm’s President, explained, “Sandy recently left her job in a corporate office, where she didn’t have the types of developmental opportunities we provide at H3 Concepts Inc. She feels that she can truly make a difference in our company, and we’re proud to give her every chance to do so. I have full confidence in her ability to achieve long-term success.”

One reason Sandy has achieved so much is her ability to establish clear goals. She puts well-defined benchmarks in place so she can evaluate her progress and make adjustments as needed. Laura added, “This kind of clear goal-setting is something we emphasize at every level of our training system. With exact objectives to shoot for, our people stay highly engaged and easily overcome any obstacles that present themselves.”

Sandy also brings a great deal of accountability to her work. Not only does she hold herself accountable to her own goals, she makes time to help her colleagues achieve their objectives. In this way, Sandy models the type of supportive atmosphere we want to uphold.

We’re excited to watch Sandy continue building her career. Follow H3 Concepts Inc. on Facebook for updates on her and all our top performers.