We select an outstanding member of Team H3 Concepts Inc. to highlight every month, and it’s Taylor’s time to shine. She stands out amongst her colleagues for her work ethic and commitment to ongoing improvement. Laura, our firm’s President, explained that Taylor has taken full advantage of our company’s in-depth training program to achieve impressive career advancement.

Taylor started her journey in the San Antonio office and quickly completed the management program in 11 months. Since then, she has become a business owner who is taking on the market in Charlotte, North Carolina. Laura added that Taylor has shown strong leadership skills from the beginning of her time with H3 Concepts Inc. She wanted to become her own boss, and we’re incredibly proud of her ability to do so while also helping others reach their potential.

Being accountable is a big part of Taylor’s rise. She has always had a knack for clarifying her goals and tracking her progress toward achieving them. Beyond sticking with her own objectives, though, Taylor has also consistently made herself available to assist others. This devotion to our team concept should continue to serve her well as she builds her own business.

We’re excited to watch Taylor continue advancing in her professional journey. Follow H3 Concepts Inc. on Instagram for updates on her progress and all our outstanding team members.