We’re excited to be part of an expansion effort, opening a new H3 Concepts Inc. branch in Chicago. “I’ll be bringing two top performers with me to help get the new location up and running,” stated Laura, our firm’s President. “The team members who come with me to Chicago will be those who have shown a genuine enthusiasm for coaching their teammates.”

Helping others in our industry is a big part of our H3 Concepts Inc. ethos. We take advantage of cross-training opportunities in different markets, always bringing fresh insights back to our office. Laura added, “We believe that training from within the industry really does inspire innovative teamwork. Sharing our thoughts on best practices with likeminded people leads to positive outcome for everyone involved.”

When it comes to helping new leaders find their feet in the business world, Laura believes in the importance of agility. “Initial planning is crucial,” she stated. “However, iterative planning could be equally vital. By revising their development strategies at regular intervals, business leaders can make strategic shifts based on new information. We’ve found that training led by other top performers in our industry helps people home in on the best success tips.”

Getting a new location off the ground is a challenge we’re excited to tackle. Like H3 Concepts Inc. on Facebook to receive updates on this effort and all our expansion pursuits.