The travel bug has hit H3 Concepts Inc. hard this year, and we have many destinations planned for our entire organization. Recently our top performers went to Oregon to network with another office, and also to help them establish their presence in a new market.

There will be another opportunity to travel to California for one lucky member of Team H3 Concepts Inc. This incentive will be a reward for the individual who displays the strongest student mentality for a given period of time and determined by a few internal metrics. While there, they will connect with some of the most influential leaders in our industry.

We love showing our appreciation to our team with endless travel opportunities. There are so many advantages that we gain as people and as an organization by leaving home. For example, we have a very high morale around the office, and we know this is in part because of how often we reward effort with exciting trips.

Also, when we spend time away from our daily routines, we gain some objectivity that’s tough to find during the course of our normal workweek. We can often think of ways to do things more efficiently, effectively, or creatively when we’re outside our comfort zones.

We’re proud to be a company that sees the world together. Like H3 Concepts Inc. on Facebook to see pictures from the upcoming California trip, and to see where we’re heading next.