One of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned through the course of H3 Concepts Inc.’s rapid growth is how important it is to step outside our comfort zones. When we challenge ourselves to go beyond our current skill sets, we reignite our passion for what we do. Venturing into unexplored professional territory also brings the following key benefits:

• Greater Confidence: The more we push ourselves, the more we realize how capable we are of achieving great things. We challenge each other to set increasingly ambitious goals around the H3 Concepts Inc. office, knowing that we’ll become more self-assured with every positive outcome.

• Broader Experience: We also open ourselves to new things as we leave our comfort zones behind. The experience we gain along the way sets us up for success in a wider range of professional roles. When we volunteer for big projects, for example, we get in touch with our leadership potential and envision brighter futures.

• Enhanced Credibility: Taking risks by going beyond our comfort zones helps others see us as trustworthy high achievers. We believe you have to challenge yourself in order to be perceived as a top performer, whether by a colleague, supervisor, or potential contact.

These are just a few of the key benefits of pushing past your comfort zone. For more of our best advice for long-term success, like H3 Concepts Inc. on Facebook.