There’s no better way to cap off a successful year than to expand into a new territory. That’s our belief around the H3 Concepts Inc. office, so we’re excited to announce that we’ll be entering the Charlotte, North Carolina market. Laura, our firm’s President, explained that this move will provide more chances for team members to flex their skills and move up to management roles.

Along with internal promotions, our ongoing growth has created openings for fresh new talent to join Team H3 Concepts Inc. We provide incoming sales and marketing managers with hands-on training and various travel events. A supportive work culture in which everyone is inspired to excel also sets our firm apart from the crowd.

There are other benefits to expansion, including the many new consumers we’ll be able to reach with our innovative sales promotions. We’re ready to home in on the most purchase-ready people and build awareness for the brands we represent.

Our latest expansion plans also build on our firm’s reputation as an ambitious industry leader. We’ve made constant improvement a hallmark of our work culture, and it’s reflected in our steady growth. It’s important that consumers see us as a forward-looking firm with big goals for the future.

We’re ready to make the most of the rapidly growing Charlotte market.