There’s no debating the overall value of a college education, but that doesn’t mean you can learn everything you need to know in a classroom. We have a diverse team with various educational backgrounds here in the H3 Concepts office. We’ve learned that the following vital lessons have to be received on the job.

One thing every professional learns is not to let the fear of failure get in the way of taking risks. Despite all the good things you’ll learn through the course of a college business program, you aren’t likely to learn how important it is to take calculated risks. We push ourselves beyond our comfort zones in order to further our educations, receiving invaluable insights in the process.

It’s also vital to understand the value of networking to a successful career. This is another topic that doesn’t get much attention during typical business courses. Not only have we learned to pursue diverse H3 Concepts contact lists, we’ve also discovered that it’s essential to offer help to any contact before expecting favors in return.

The value of setting boundaries is also something that has to be discovered on the job. We take time to unplug as we pursue our objectives, knowing that we can achieve much more if our brains are uncluttered. When we’re well rested, we have more interesting ideas to offer to help move big projects forward.

We’ve found that these career truths must be accepted through experience.