When we’re adding people to our H3 Concepts networks, we’re careful to follow a few simple rules. We always give our full attention to potential contacts, for instance, asking plenty of open-ended questions to keep them talking. When it comes to following up with new connections, we put the following effective techniques to good use:

• Send a LinkedIn Invitation: We reach out to our new contacts through LinkedIn within a day or two of our first meetings, always including personal notes from our conversations. It’s important to jog the memories of our acquaintances, as well as establish strong foundations for lasting relationships.

• Discuss the Value We Can Provide: We’ve also learned that it’s helpful to remind new connections of the value we can provide. We might mention ongoing H3 Concepts projects or our other contacts who might be of interest.

• Make It a Routine Event: Following up with a new network connection isn’t just a one-time thing; we make a point of reaching out on at least a monthly basis after an initial meeting. We want to be sure we stay at the top of people’s minds, so we send along links to interesting articles or book recommendations from time to time.

These follow-up strategies help us forge and maintain meaningful connections.