Around the H3 Concepts Inc. office, we believe that team travel events are some of the most valuable learning opportunities that exist. This is why we’ve made trip incentives key elements of our company culture. Laura, our firm’s President, stated, “Giving our people chances to expand their horizons accelerates their growth as people and as professionals. We’re always looking into different types of excursions that offer potential for networking and learning.”

We often compete for the right to attend industry functions. A healthy dose of friendly competition keeps the spark alive throughout our office while inspiring all of us to perform at our best. We come to appreciate just how much talent we have under the H3 Concepts Inc. roof every time we engage in spirited contests, as it leads to stronger collaboration in the long run.

In August, three qualifying team members will take part in a networking event on a boat in California. Laura added, “Those who are selected for the trip will have time to enjoy a cruise, flex their networking skills, and have a lovely dinner later that evening. This promises to be a getaway filled with insightful discussions with some of the most accomplished people in our industry.”

We enjoy having the chance to network with influential leaders and high-performing peers. To find out who is chosen for the California trip, stay tuned to the H3 Concepts Inc. Newswire.