The image of achievement varies from person to person, and each individual vision of success evolves over time. Regardless of this fluidity, it’s helpful to learn from those who have risen to the top. As we expand H3Concepts and advance along our own journeys, we gather valuable insights from lots of accomplished people.

The founder of Blue Waters Products, Ltd., Dominic Hadeed, is one such individual. What was once a small operation of two trucks and a couple of workers selling purified water is now a company of over 500. They now sell all sorts of beverages as well. One of the biggest lessons he shares is specific to the individuals around him.

Hadeed indicates, “I have observed many business owners or professionals who barrel through their partners, staff, suppliers and customers just to try and make it to the top quickly. This is a very shortsighted strategy.” We agree, and make the happiness and success of all H3Concepts stakeholders top priorities.

We also concur with Hadeed’s take on culture. He likens it to gardening, saying, “Good nutrients like a worthwhile mission, fair compensation, and quality training will help you grow something that will bear long-term fruit. But if you neglect those things for short-term profits, eventually the soil will be barren and acidic. Then nothing will grow.”

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