The ability to build a diverse professional network is a boon to any career. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to do – especially if you’re an introvert. We want to make the networking process a bit easier for the more reserved members of Team H3 Concepts Inc. With that in mind, we’ve embraced the following techniques in our training:

• Stick to Smaller Groups: If someone is intimidated by the idea of building connections at a crowded event, it’s best to get started with smaller gatherings. Local meetups offer great potential for connecting without the pressure of a big industry function.

• Use Online Methods: LinkedIn and Facebook make it easy to connect with likeminded people. Online industry forums are also good ways for reserved people to make contact with potential allies. The connections made through these methods can lead to informal meetings over coffee or even at larger industry events.

• Alter the Networking Mind-Set: Rather than put pressure on themselves to connect with everyone at an event, we remind our H3 Concepts Inc. introverts to take modest goals into their networking efforts. With the aim of making a small handful of strong connections, any gathering becomes a less daunting prospect for an introvert.

These are just a few of the techniques that can make networking easier for shy people. Like H3 Concepts Inc. on Twitter to share some of your favorite connecting advice.