Hundreds of people might apply for a job, yet only a few will be so fortunate as to move to the next phase, an interview. H3 Concepts Inc.’s hiring managers understand that getting to that stage in your job search can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, so we thought we’d toss out some great tips to help candidates prep:

• Research: One of the reasons H3 Concepts Inc. is consistently ahead of the competition is we do our homework before we create outreach and bring our partner’s message to customers. We expect that when someone is presenting themselves during an interview that they’ll know something about our company and can articulate that through their responses.

• Dress the Part: Even if business casual is the norm in the firm, savvy applicants will be dressed for success with tailored, professional attire that fits them. While suits tend to be the go-to wardrobe choice, make sure they are comfortable. Polish shoes, and make sure they’re something walkable as you never know where the interview might take place (i.e. stairs, or considerable distances from parking lot to conference room).

• Show Your Passion: Of course, your skills and expertise are on display during an interview. But what our hiring team looks for is someone’s enthusiasm. A person who can demonstrate true passion, a desire to learn and grow, and motivation to succeed will get more attention than perhaps a less-enthused person with more skills.

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