The ability to quickly build rapport with others comes in very handy for marketing professionals. Whether networking with other top performers or reaching out to new customers, your congeniality is an important component in your career pursuits. Our team at H3 Concepts, Inc. would like to suggest the following tips for boosting your likability quotient:

Ask Plenty of Questions

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when meeting someone is to seek his or her thoughts and opinions without judgment. Listen attentively and we at H3 Concepts, Inc. are sure that you’ll immediately make a positive impression.

Use Welcoming Body Language

Smiling is a must when making a new connection. It’s a great way to engender trust right off the bat. Also, make sure to angle your chin down slightly. No one wants to feel as if you’re looking down your nose at them. You might also want to angle your body a bit, because facing someone straight on can be a bit intimidating.

Put Your Ego Aside

You have to suspend your own needs and opinions when connecting with someone else. Don’t allow yourself to be emotionally hijacked if you don’t agree with what the other person is saying. Leave those thoughts behind for now and focus only on listening.

We at H3 Concepts, Inc. recommend applying these strategies to make a more favorable impression on others.