Do you want your office environment to be a productive one that ignites creative sparks and encourages collaboration? At H3 Concepts, that’s what we’ve always strived to achieve. Here are three elements we’ve noted are musts for an excellent company culture:

• Encourage Your Team Members to Get to Know Each Other: At H3 Concepts, we have frequent team-bonding events that allow associates to become better acquainted with each other outside their roles. We go to dinner together, participate in volunteer activities, and sometimes enjoy retreats as a team. This helps banish barriers and promotes cooperation.

• Create a Welcoming Space: A sterile office environment dampens the imagination. Google and other innovative companies recognize this, which is why they have nooks and other areas dedicated to boosting creative thinking. Even a creativity corner filled with beanbags, chalkboard, or other creative materials can spark invention.

• Avoid Negative People: Our associates at H3 Concepts realize everyone is entitled to a bad day. However, all it takes is one person who is constantly complaining to spoil the entire team’s mood. If you can, weed these individuals out during the interview process. If it’s someone on your team, try to turn his or her attitude into one that’s more affirming. If that’s not possible, perhaps he or she should be shown the door.

An excellent company culture is more than just good for your team. It’s good for your business, too. Set the tone for your work environment today.