Travel incentives are part of the H3 Concepts Inc. fabric, and a recent team retreat to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the latest example. Laura, our firm’s President, noted that only a few select individuals from our team were chosen for this all-expenses-paid vacation. The trip was a reward for those who have consistently excelled in the field throughout the year.

The sales and marketing managers who made the journey to Punta Cana enjoyed putting their toes in the sand and building stronger bonds with one another. It was an ideal opportunity to recharge their batteries and reflect on recent success as well. Our top performers returned to the H3 Concepts Inc. office more inspired than ever to tackle new challenges.

One of the prime benefits of travel incentives is the networking potential they provide. There were high achievers from all corners of our industry relaxing in Punta Cana. Our team members had plenty of chances to discuss emerging methods along with tried-and-true practices during their stay in the vibrant tropical setting.

Our people also gain confidence every time they venture far from our home office to share insights with accomplished professionals from different markets. There’s a real motivation boost that comes with gaining a fresh perspective on our work.

We’re already excited for the 2019 R&R trip. You can get updates on all our upcoming travel plans when you follow H3 Concepts Inc. on Twitter.