A strong visual image matters, as we remind ourselves around our H3 Concepts Inc. office. We believe that what we project to the world reflects us as individuals and our company overall. In our industry, we also represent brands, so we consider our appearances as being the first impression customers have of these companies as well.

“A polished, professional look is essential,” said Laura, H3 Concepts Inc.’s President. “When we wear proper business attire, it sends an important message about our firm.”

There are some best practices to remember with dressing for success:

• Quality Matters: Well-fitted clothing made of top-quality fabric is an investment worth making. These clothes will ultimately last longer and, if we select classic styles, will be timeless fashions. In addition, better materials tend to be more comfortable to wear, which is important when we’re on the go.

• Clean and Pressed: What we put on our bodies should be as clean as we are, so fresh outfits are a necessity. Become friends with an iron or steamer so that each piece looks crisp.

• Think You: Each outfit we purchase should reflect something in which we feel comfortable. While there might be a certain style requirement (suits or business casual), we should still select clothing that makes us feel confident when we wear it. A personal touch like a special tie design or a fun piece of jewelry can reveal a bit about our personalities as well.

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