Get Behind H3 Concepts’ Mission

It’s great that you have a digital outreach strategy. You need one…but it’s not all you need to get noticed by consumers and blow past the competition.
In the age of the internet, it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed by the onslaught of banner ads and pop-ups people see every time they log on. That’s why H3 Concepts does things differently. Our promotions showcase products and engage targeted audiences in ways no one else does.

How do we do it? In alignment with our foundational values, we infuse every campaign with a personal touch that yields exciting results.

Let us help you exceed expectations.

The H3 Concepts

Defining Principles


The H3 Concepts team is full of talent and focused on the future. Our onboarding strategy allows us to vet for top-tier ability and intelligence. Trust us to shine the spotlight on your product.


The success we achieve for businesses results from the H3 Concepts outreach approach. We foster lasting connections with consumers, showing them how each product we represent will make their lives better.


We operate with levels of passion and energy that other organizations cannot match. With comprehensive training and diverse perspectives, our promotional specialists have what it takes to push your business skyward.


Convention doesn’t translate to progress, which is why we go against the grain. At H3 Concepts, we encourage one another to embrace authenticity and break free from the norm. Those who value originality will feel inspired with us.

Our outsourced marketing model gets measurable results fast.

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